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ABU DHABI QEII  93  Special 1966 QEII 5r on 5s rose-red. A very fine used lower marginal vertical pair on piece, cancelled by clear "DAS ISLAND ABU DHABI TRUCIAL STATES" cds # "2" and dated 26 JY `66. This pair was used when no £ 180.00    
ADEN KGVI  31  Special 1949 KGVI Silver Wedding 10r mauve in an u/m never hinged lower marginal BRADBURY WILKINSON imprint block of four. SG 31. £ 140.00    
 KGVI  1-9  Special 1937 KGVI "Dhow" short set to 1r in u/m never hinged blocks of four. The a to 8a values are lower marginal DE LA RUE imprint blocks of four. SG 1-9. £ 400.00    
ADEN - KATHIRI STATE OF SEIYUN KGVI  20-27  Special 1951 `New Currency` complete set of eight all in u/m never hinged marginal blocks of four. SG 20-27. £ 120.00    
ADEN - QU`AITI STATE OF SHIHR & MUKALLA KGVI  14-15  Special 1948 KGVI Silver Wedding set of two in u/m never hinged blocks of four, the 1a value being a SE corner Plate 1 block and the 5r value being a lower marginal BRADBURY WILKINSON imprint block of four. £ 70.00    
AUSTRALIA / B.C.O.F. (JAPAN) KGVI  J1-J7  Special 1947 (18 October) Registered "BRITISH COMMONWEALTH FORCES" Crested Postal Stationery Envelope bearing complete set of seven "B.C.O.F. JAPAN" issue superb used to Australia and cancelled with "AUST ARM £ 200.00    
FALKLAND ISLANDS KGVI  152  Special 1938-50 KGVI 2d black & blue "Upland Goose" in an u/m never hinged SE corner Frame Plate 1 Vignette Plate 2 block of four. SG 152. £ 24.00    
SOLOMON ISLANDS KGVI  60s-72s  Special 1939-51 KGVI complete set of thirteen very fine mint perforated SPECIMEN. Samuel Types W8, W8a, D20. Certified as genuine. SG 60s-72s. £ 400.00    
ST HELENA KGV  106c  Special 1922-37 KGV 1s grey & brown "Badge" issue. A very fine mint copy showing the Row 5/1 CLEFT ROCK variety. SG 106c. £ 260.00    
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