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ABU DHABI QEII  93  Special 1966 QEII 5r on 5s rose-red. A very fine used lower marginal vertical pair on piece, cancelled by clear "DAS ISLAND ABU DHABI TRUCIAL STATES" cds # "2" and dated 26 JY `66. This pair was used when no £ 180.00    
ADEN KGVI  31  Special 1949 KGVI Silver Wedding 10r mauve in an u/m never hinged lower marginal BRADBURY WILKINSON imprint block of four. SG 31. £ 140.00    
SEYCHELLES QV  15a  Special 1893 QV 3c on 4c carmine & green. A very fine mint example showing the SURCHARGE INVERTED. RPSL Certificate (2015). SG 15a. £ 225.00    
SOUTH WEST AFRICA / NAMIBIA KGV  D5  Special 1923 Postage Due 6d black & slate in a very fine mint right-hand marginal block of four with the top right-hand copy showing "WES" FOR "WEST" variety. Row 8/6. Lower left copy u/m never hinged. SG D5, £ 300.00    
TRINIDAD & TOBAGO - TRINIDAD QV  101  Special 1882 QV 1d rosy carmine. Three copies very fine used (one bisected) on piece each tied by a `TRINIDAD` cds dated SP 27 `82. SG 101,101a cat 550 on cover. £ 45.00    
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