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ADEN - KATHIRI STATE OF SEIYUN KGVI  13a  Special 1946 Victory 2a blue. A very fine mint lightly hinged copy showing the OVERPRINT INVERTED. Only one sheet with inverted overprint printed in error. Scarce. SG 13a. £ 700.00    
BECHUANALAND / BOTSWANA QV  32a  Special 1891 2d bistre. A very mint example showing the NO STOP AFTER "BECHUANALAND" variety. SG 32a. £ 260.00    
LONG ISLAND KGV  9  Special 1916 d mauve on thin horizontally laid paper. A fine mint right-hand marginal block of four from Plate 3 showing Positions 11-12 and 15-16. Only 160 examples were printed with 43 remainders ultimatel £ 2,300.00    
MALTA QEII  35y  Special 1899-1901 `Shipwreck of St Paul` 10s blue-black. A superb used copy showing the WATERMARK INVERTED & REVERSED. SG 35y. £ 525.00    
MOROCCO AGENCIES - GIBRALTAR ISSUES OVPT QV  9s-16s  Special 1899 QV complete set of eight very fine mint overprinted SPECIMEN. Samuel Type D12. SG 9s-16s. £ 180.00    
SIERRA LEONE QV  60  Special 1897 QV 2d on 6d dull purple & green. A very fine mint SE-TENANT PAIR showing surcharge Type 10 & Type 11. SG 60,61. £ 150.00    
SOMALILAND QEII  138  Special 1953-58 QEII 10c in the two listed shades, red-orange and salmon, both copies u/m never hinged. SG 138,138a. £ 14.00    
TURKS & CAICOS ISLANDS KGV  176s-186s  Special 1928 KGV complete set of eleven very fine mint overprinted SPECIMEN. Samuel Type D16. SG 176s-186s. £ 160.00    
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