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ADEN KGVI  31  Special 1949 KGVI Silver Wedding 10r mauve in an u/m never hinged lower marginal BRADBURY WILKINSON imprint block of four. SG 31. £ 140.00    
 QEII  53  Special 1953-63 QEII 15c "Crater" in the three listed shades, greenish grey, deep greenish grey and greenish slate, SG 53,53a,53b. £ 40.00    
 KGVI  30  Special 1949 KGVI Silver Wedding 1½a scarlet in an u/m never hinged SE corner Plate 1 block of four. Lower margin Perforated. SG 30. £ 8.00    
 QEII  54  Special 1953-63 QEII 25c "Mosque" in the three listed shades, carmine-red, deep rose-red and rose-red, all in superb u/m SG 54,55,55a. £ 88.00    
ADEN - SOUTH ARABIAN FEDERATION QEII  117-122  Special Kathiri - 1967 American Astronauts set of six in superb u/m never hinged blocks of four. SG 117-122. £ 120.00    
ANGUILLA QEII  84-98  Special 1970 complete set of fifteen in superb u/m never hinged SW corner Cylinder blocks of four. SG 84-98. £ 60.00    
KUWAIT KGV  31  Special 1934 (24th May) Airmail cover addressed to Birmingham, England, bearing five 2a deep blue-green (SG 31) and one 3a blue (SG 32) all cancelled with two double-circle `KUWAIT` postmarks (Donaldson Type £ 350.00    
UGANDA QV  56a  Special 1896 2a black. A fine used copy showing the SMALL "O" IN "POSTAGE" variety. Row 3/1. Cancelled with usual pencil cross cancel. SG 56a. £ 90.00    
 QEII  106  Special 1962-64 "Religious Buildings" 1s30 yellow-orange & violet in a superb u/m never hinged SE corner Plate 1A block of four with the top right-hand copy showing the "DOME" FLAW variety. Row 9/10 Plate 1A- £ 32.00    
 QV  52  Special 1896 60(c) violet on thin laid paper. A very fine mint example of this scarce type-written stamp with no gum as issued. BPA Certificate (1996). SG 52. £ 1,200.00    
ZANZIBAR QV  3m  Special 1895-96 QV ½a blue-green. A very fine mint copy showing the OVERPRINT DOUBLE ONE ALBINO. Scarce. SG 3m. £ 180.00    
 KGV  323  Special 1936 "Sultan Khalifa bin Harub" 10c black & olive-green in an u/m never hinged lower marginal DE LA RUE imprint block of four. SG 323. £ 12.00    
 QEII  339-348  Special 1952-55 "Sultan Khalifa" and "Seyyid Khalifa Schools" short set to 1r in superb DE LA RUE imprint blocks of eight. Each block very lightly hinged on one stamp only, rest u/m never hinged. SG 339-348. £ 80.00    
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