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ABU DHABI QEII  17b  Special 1967 "Sheikh Shakhbut bin Sultan" 20f on 20n.p. ultramaine perf 14½ `New Currency` issue. A superb used horizontal pair with this scarce perf. Cancelled with a clear `ABU DHABI / TRUCIAL STATES` postm £ 475.00    
ADEN QEII  54  Special 1953-63 QEII 25c in the three listed shades, carmine-red, deep rose-red and rose-red, all u/m never hinged copies. SG 54,55,55a. £ 22.00    
 KGVI  38a  Special 1951 KGVI 15c on 2½a blue. An u/m never hinged NW corner copy showing the SURCHARGE DOUBLE variety. Top margin has old certificate number attached (no longer accompanies). Tiny hinge remainder in top £ 1,200.00    
ADEN - SOUTH ARABIAN FEDERATION QEII  80-87 var  Special Qu`aiti 1966 `International Co-operation year` complete set of eight very fine mint all PLATE PROOFS in UNISSUED COLOURS. SG 80-87 variety. £ 50.00    
ANTIGUA QV  27a  Special 1887 QV 2½d ultramarine. A fine mint copy, unused without gum, showing the LARGE "2" in "2½" WITH SLANTING FOOT variety. Row 3/1 of the duty plate found on the early printings of SG 27 and shows "NN" £ 25.00    
 QV  21a  Special 1882 QV ½d dull green. A fine used copy showing the TOP LEFT TRIANGLE DETACHED variety. Row 3/3 Plate 2 right pane. SG 21a. £ 350.00    
AUSTRALIA KGVI  206a  Special 1942-50 KGVI 2½d scarlet. A superb u/m never hinged IMPERF PAIR (the right-hand stamp being completely imperforate and the left-hand stamp imperforate at right only). One of only five such pairs which £ 4,875.00    
BUSHIRE KGV    Special 1917 (19 March) A very neat plain envelope in Arabic from Bushire to Isfahan (Also known as Esfahan) bearing two stamps of Iran on reverse, 2ch and 3ch, both tied to cover by a "BOUCHIR (DEPART)" post £ 120.00    
CYPRUS QEII  175  Special 1955-60 QEII 5m "Oranges" in the two listed shades, brown-orange and orange-brown, both copies u/m never hinged. SG 175,175a. £ 12.00    
HONG KONG KGVI  140-154  Special 1938-52 KGVI 1c to 80c (excluding 25c bright blue & 30c yellowish olive P14½14) in u/m never hinged Plate 1 blocks of four except the the 2c value which is a Plate 2 block. SG 140-154 excluding 149 an £ 475.00    
INDIA - FEUDATORY STATES - KISHANGARH KEVII  41  Special 1904 `Arms` issue 8a grey Pin-perf in a superb u/m never hinged block of four. SG 41. £ 18.00    
JAMAICA KGVI  118s-120s  Special 1937 KGVI Coronation set of three very fine mint perforated SPECIMEN. Samuel Type D20. Certified as genuine. SG 118s-120s. £ 80.00    
LEEWARD ISLANDS KGV  80a  Special 1928 KGV £1 purple & black/red. A very fine mint example showing the BREAK IN SCROLL variety. Row 1/12. Scarce. SG 80a. £ 425.00    
LONG ISLAND KGV  12  Special 1916 1d mauve on thin horizontally laid paper. A very fine mint block of eight with sheet margins either side from Plate 4 showing Positions 5-8 and 9-12 (Row 2 and 3). Block shows partial Papermaker` £ 2,500.00    
NYASALAND / BCA / MALAWI KGV  110e  Special 1921-33 KGV 2s6d black & carmine-red/pale blue. A very fine mint copy showing the BREAK IN LINES BELOW LEFT SCROLL variety. Row 4/9. SG 110e. £ 150.00    
RHODESIA & NYASALAND QEII  16  Special 1955 “Centenary of Discovery of Victoria Falls” 3d ultramarine & deep turquoise-green in an u/m never hinged block of four with the top right-hand copy showing the Row 3/3 WING FLAW variety. SG 16,16a £ 20.00    
TURKS & CAICOS ISLANDS KGV  139  Special 1913-21 KGV 3s black/red in an u/m never hinged SW corner block of four. SG 139. £ 65.00    
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